The early childhood education market is growing rapidly due to a substantial research base pointing to the dramatic effects of a quality preschool education on the future success of individuals and on the long-term positive impact on society and the economy. The latest scientific research in how young children learn has validated many time-honored classroom practices and has created a new sense of urgency for educators committed to giving all young children the experiences and skills they need to be successful learners.

Robert-Leslie Publishing, The Early Childhood Company, was formed by James and Judith Coffey in March 2005, in response to this need. The company has a serious mission – helping young children succeed by learning about the world and their place
in it.

With over thirty years in the early childhood and educational publishing arenas, the founders have surrounded themselves with a management team, authors, and advisors touting an impressive record of accomplishments, expertise, and notoriety in early childhood education and publishing.

Public, private, and government pressure to focus attention and allocate resources to prekindergarten education is driving the trend towards universal pre-k for all children. This trend is resulting in the growth of the preschool market, public and private, and an increased need for quality teaching products to be used in these new and expanded classrooms, as well as by parents educating their children at home.

At the forefront of Robert-Leslie’s mission will be the consistent publication of exciting, developmentally appropriate, research-based learning materials for children, teachers, parents, and school administrators.

In 2006 Robert-Leslie proudly presents The InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Learning System, a comprehensive program of club membership, instruction, teacher support, and materials for the pre-K classroom. To find out all about The InvestiGator Club, visit our Web site:

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